Company History

Spulenwickelei Baruth GmbH was founded in 1991 and is located in Baruth/Mark.

Since 1969 coils have been manufacted in Baruth for application in Communication Technology, originally by Funkwerk Köpenick Berlin.
Spulenwickelei Baruth GmbH(SWB) was formed in 1991 after a management buy-out. We are committed to the continual improvement of our products and technology in the manufacturing of coils.

39 years of experience in coil manufacturing

Products and Services

Inductors and coils to client specification

Development and design consultancy, preparation of client-specific solutions in collaboration with client's development departments, contact d.wolf@swb-baruth.de

Ferrite core gap grinding

Manufacturing assistance in coil-winding, assembly of electrical and electronic components, and packaging


Business commitment as well as experienced and qualified personnel are the basis of our continuing economic success. 20 staff are currently employed, engaged in ensuring satisfaction of all your requirements for quality, dependability, flexibility, and a good cost/performance ratio.

We're here to meet your requirements


Dietmar Wolf
- Technical management, Quality management
- Development and design consulting
- d.wolf@swb-baruth.de

Wolfgang Schierle
- Commercial management, purchasing and logistics
- Sales and marketing
- w.schierle@swb-baruth.de


Investment in modern manufacturing technology, measurement systems, and communications technology is a further basis of our continuing success.


Production on computer-controlled, programmable coil-winding machines and soldering equipment

Production of RM- and E-Core transformers on fully-automated facilities

Component labelling/identification

Grouting, infiltration by dipping, and impregnation of components

Complete electrical testing of all significant parameters using high-precision measurement and testing instruments and computer-controlled, programmable testing beds

High-voltage testing up to 5kV, client-specific testing

Dependable EGB suitable component packaging, SMD loaders and belt packaging for automatic assembly


Assembly of: Fine magnet wire Ø 0,04 to 2,0 mm, Copper Litz wire to 25 mm², HF-Litz wire, self-bonding wire, copper straps, twisted lines, screened lines, surface mounted wires, resistance wires, all types of nealed wires and nealed cables , e.g. Nylon sinews etc.

Ordering quantities: from single items, to small, medium and large batch production.

Dependable assembly - dependable delivery

Quality Management

Customer orientation, quality awareness and development optimisation in all areas are central to our everyday activities. The company has been certified by TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH according to ISO 9001:2000 since 1999, valid until 03. August 2011.

Dietmar Wolf is responsible for quality management.

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