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Inductors - Coils to customer specification

All your coil requirements from A to Z

Transformers – Interface transformers for telecommunication and data transfer,
transformers for LF and HF technology, signal carriers, line transformers,
chokes - retardation coils, DC/DC coils, transformers, noise suppression chokes, storage chokes, DC/DC-chokes, converters, filtering coils, heated lacquer coils, antenna coils, transponder coils, relay coils, various types of transformers, and custom products


Design advice for development, components optimised to your individual requirements, please contact d.wolf@swb-baruth.de

Ferrite core grinding (air gap)

Complete service - assembly of electrical/electronic components, component packaging, all your production requirements satisfied.

Component types and sizes

Ferrite core coils, Iron core coils
SMD inductors, SMD-components (belt packaging, DIN EC286 compliant)

RM-core types (ferrite)
RM4 to RM14
SMD and THT – versions

P-core types (ferrite)
P3,3 x 2,6 to P41 x 25
PM to 114/93
single forms to P150 x 30

E-core repeating coil (ferrite +iron core)
E-type (e.g. E6,3 ; E8,8)
EP-type(e.g.. EP7; EP10; EP13)
EK20, EK25 …(iron nickel)

Torroid core coils, multihole core coils,
SMD-types, ferrite cores and iron-core types

Air coils, HF-coils
relay coils, custom types

Self-bonding wire coils

up to 200W, ferrite and iron core types

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