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SWB is a supplier of electronic components and a producer of a wide variety of coils. We provide a complete service for your inductor requirements. From cost-effective design via prototype manufacture and quality-controlled production to dependable delivery.

Coil-winding from SWB-Baruth > dependable production > dependable delivery

SWB is certified by the TÜV in Germany in accordance with
ISO 9001:2000.

Products and Services

Inductors – Inductive components to client specification

Transformers for communication technology/data communication

Coil-winding – A wide range of coils for the entire industry

Development - design consultancy - prototypes - production - sales

We satisfy our customer's needs in service and logistics in all product quantities, from single pieces to large series'. Customer satisfaction is built on competent partnerships operating to mutual advantage. This is the basis of our success.

Our customers include companies from large scale industry as well as innovative small and medium sized businesses, start-ups, and research and development departments in universities and colleges.

We deliver to the national as well as the international market in technology areas as diverse as communications, networking, automation and propulsion, medicine, traffic technology, safety engineering, energy production, measuring systems, control engineering, as well as prototyping in research and development.

Delivery - rapid, dependable, cost-effective, RoHS compliant

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